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We offer customized workshops featuring best business practices, new information about changing regulations and compliance, organizational development, business development and personal growth.

Since 1989, Mara Woloshin has taught adult learners at universities and within corporate settings and has helped numerous businesses and individuals identify and achieve strategic goals.

“Mara has come to my PRSA chapter’s rescue several times with amazing programs! The session she led on team-building was among our highest rated. She engaged us in a very refreshing, inspiring way! She’s one of those speakers who draws a little crowd afterwards when she’s packing up.”

Shannon P. Priem – Internal Communications Manager, Salem Health

Topics and workshop roster

2015 Training Presentations
Marketing to Baby Boomers, consumer profile
Niche marketing to Baby Boomers
Medicare and Medicaid attrition, and retention tactics
Niche markets for the Medicare and Medicaid consumers
Intergenerational communication
Get paid what your worth – – building your career pathway
Medicare and Medicaid 101
Successful use of social and traditional media in crisis situations
Grassroots marketing (that really works)
Managing your medications, what to ask the pharmacist
Nutrition for seniors
Balanced nutrition on a budget
Music and memory, brain building training
Communicating with Millenials
Leveraging niche markets for CMS compliant leads

Also Available
The Power of the Purse: Marketing to Women
Credibility and Visibility for the Internet
Realistic and Effective Public Relations
Relationship Marketing
Sustainable Models — New Fundraising tips and tactics
Teambuilding Synergy
Strategic Planning
Presentation Without Fear